Burn Calories And Get A Strong And Nice Belly With This Abs Workout

Do you want to have a strong and beautiful belly? 🔥 Join me in this amazing 5 minutes Abs workout for a wonderful belly! Let’s exercise together! 🙂

But, consult your physician before starting any exercises to find out if you have any contraindications to exercise. Exercise according to your condition.

Always remember to warm up at the beginning and stretch the muscles at the end of your training. 

Exercise 1

Standing position. Keep your feet hip-width apart.

Lean away from the side.

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Do eight repetitions.

You can do the same exercise with weights or water bottles to make it more intense.

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Let’s do again eight repetitions.

Exercise 2 of the abs workout

The next great exercise is in the sitting position. Sit on your mat with your knees bent. Hold your hands. Take your feet off the floor.

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Twist your body.

Perform eight repetitions of the exercise.

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Exercise 3

Lie down on your mat with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Feet off the floor. Put your hands in the air.

Reach the opposite hand and knee.

Do eight repetitions.


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What are other great abs workout exercises?

Exercise 4 of the abs workout

High plank position. Keep your body straight. Put your hands below your shoulders. Feet wider than hip-width apart.

Raise your hand and tap the opposite shoulder.

Perform eight repetitions.


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Exercise 5 of the abs workout

Lie down on your side. Put your elbow below your shoulder. Feet on top of each other.

Raise your body. Keep the body in a straight position, so there is a straight line from your head to your toes.

Keep that position for around eight seconds or you can make small movements.

Do the same exercise to the other side.


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If you want you can do 2-4 sets of the all the above exercises.

Thank you for doing abs workout together. Which exercise did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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