“Is it true you are crazy about…” and other FAQs to Anisa Glen

Who are you?

I’m Anisa Glen, an online fitness coach who helps moms boost their weight loss, get fit, and feel themselves.

I’m from Poland. I grew up in a city surrounded by beautiful nature, full of forests, and lakes.

As an active child, I was happy to enjoy outdoor activities, such as swimming in the lakes, biking, rollerblading, or climbing trees.

Anisa Glen and the ocean

During my first pregnancy, I started my own company, where I led group fitness classes. I also helped individual patients with rehabilitation.

When my son was born I learned more about the online world. I fell in love with it and started my Polish website – www.fizjoczar.pl.

After moving to Florida in the USA, my daughter was born. At that time I started an adventure with my English website – www.feelwellnet.com.

I got the personal trainer and nutrition specialist certification in the USA from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). 

I love to keep sharing my passion for a healthy lifestyle online, helping women boost their weight loss and feel happy with their bodies.

easy ways to lose weight for moms

What is this place?

This place is for a woman who wants to start their weight loss journey, fall in love with her body, and feel more like herself after having a child. 

This journey should be fun!

Everybody deserves a great body and feels wonderful! 

I’m here with all the training and resources you need to help you with it.

anisa glen near the ocean

Why should I care?

Because I know how it feels when you don’t feel like yourself in your own skin.

Despite being active I struggled with my low body image and extra body fat when I was a teenager and in my 20s. 

I didn’t like my body.

I wanted to lose weight, so I was forcing myself to run 2 miles a day for my entire vacation.

It didn’t work. 

At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

I felt stuck, frustrated, defeated, and hopeless. I thought I’m never going to get there.

But when I connected with my body and got the right information, I lost an extra 30 pounds without effort. 

It happened almost by itself.

My body looks better after becoming a mom than before.

Then I was getting those questions from other moms on the playground when our kids were playing. 

How do you look so good after having kids? How is it possible that your belly flattened within a month after giving birth? or even – Are those your children? 

At that moment I felt that I should share my knowledge and experience with other moms.

It was easy for me to look good quickly after giving birth because I finally had the right information about how the body works.

You can do this too!

Body fat doesn’t depend on genetics or how hard you exercise.

Losing weight is simpler than you think.

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After seeing so much misleading information out there about weight loss I created a program called Beautiful Woman. It’ll help you be happy with your body without dieting and hard workouts. 

Because every woman deserves to have a great body and feel beautiful without a long quest and painful experiences! 

I want to learn from you, Anisa Glen. What should I do next?

Check out my course here. You can also sign up for my free training below.


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