Have Strong Arms And Burn Calories With These Arm Workouts For Women

Try these great and easy exercises of arm workouts for women that you can also do at home to have strong and beautiful arms.

In this workout are active mainly arms muscles such as biceps and triceps, and also chest, shoulder, partly back muscles.

arm workouts for women

You can do most of the exercises with weights if you want to increase the intensity. Do a few repetitions of the same exercise before moving to the next one.

Always remember to warm up at the beginning and stretch the muscles at the end of your training. 

But, consult your physician before starting any exercises to find out if you have any contraindications to exercise. Exercise according to your condition.

Exercise 1 of the arm workouts for women

Sit on your mat with your legs crossed. Put your hands on your knees.

Do circular motions with both of your shoulders backward at the same time.

back and biceps workout

You can also do a movement with one shoulder and then with the other one.

shoulder exercises

Only the shoulders are moving. The back, stomach, and neck should stay in place. 

Remember to contract your abdominal muscles for all the training to keep your back straight and support your spine.

Exercise 2 of the arm workouts for women

Take your straight arms to the sides and move your hands up and down. 

arms exercise

Keep your arms at the shoulders level. 

best arm workout

Exercise 3 of the arm workouts for women

Raise your arms to the side and move them forward in pulses. 

exercise for arms

Only the arms move. The rest of the body remains in place. 

Twist your hands to the other side and move your arms backward. 

shoulder exercises at home

You can feel exactly which muscles are working and it is good. 

During these exercises, you should not feel pain, only muscle fatigue. If you feel pain, resign from the training, and contact a specialist.

Next, you can do circular motions of your straight arms backward.

You can also move your straight arms forward and then move them back to the side. 

best shoulder exercises

Further, you can do circular motions with your forearms horizontally as if you were swimming in breaststroke style with your arms.

shoulder and arms workout

What are other great exercises of arm workouts for women?

Exercise 4 of the arm workouts for women

In the following exercises do a movement by bending and extending the elbows. 

arm workouts at home

Make sure your arms are pointing to the sides, not forward. 

You can modify the exercise by bending one elbow and extending the other at the same time. 

Exercise 5 of the arm workouts for women

Cross the arms and lift them up, then lower them down. 

arm workout at home for women

Later cross your arms at the back. 

shoulder exercises for women

Other amazing exercises of arm workouts for women are shown below.

Exercise 6 of the arm workouts for women

Put your hands together in from of you and press them as much as possible. 

shoulder workout at home

As you can feel, the pectoral muscles in front of the chest work intensively in this exercise. 

Contract your muscles and relax. Do a few repetitions.

If your wrists hurt, don’t do this exercise for your arms. 

It is also a great strength exercise. So you can have a “gym” at home using your body strength of your own body weight. 

This exercise is also called an isometric exercise. 

In addition, you can move your squeezed hands up and down.

arms and shoulder exercises

Moreover you can move your hands forward as well.

forearms workouts

What are other exercises for biceps?

Exercise 7 of the arm workouts for women

In the kneeling push-up exercise, the arms and chest muscles work more intensively.

The hands should be under the shoulders. They should not be placed too forward or too back. The hands should also be placed wider than a shoulder-width apart. 

Contract your belly muscle to keep your back straight.

Move your torso by bending and extending your elbows.

workouts for biceps

What are the great triceps exercises?

Exercise 8 of the arm workouts for women

This exercise is great for the triceps.

Sit down on your mat. Put your feet on the ground and your hands on the mat behind you. Keep knees together. Lift your glutes.

Make the movement of your body by extending and flexing your elbows.

best triceps exercises

Exercise 9 of the arm workouts for women

This exercise is very good for the triceps as well.

Lie down on your side. 

One leg is bent, the other is straight. You can support your head with your hand.

Lift your torso up the mat by extending your arm. 

triceps exercises

Do a few repetitions and do the same exercise on the other side.

Exercise 10 of the arm workouts for women

You can also exercise your arms in a lying position. 

Lie down on our back. Legs bent at the knees. Feet on the ground. Look ahead. Straight arms lie on your sides.

Press your hands against the floor for a few seconds and then release them. 

Twist our hands vertically and similarly, press the edges of the hand into the mat. 

Bend the elbows to the right angle and press them into the mat. 

triceps workout of arm workouts for women

You can also press the shoulders into the mat and so on.

Thank you for exercising together! 

Now you can have strong and beautiful arms. 

Remember to train regularly and do stretching exercises at the end of your training. 

How did you like the training? 

I hope you enjoyed the exercises of the arm workouts for women. Check also other interesting exercises and download the free e-book below.

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