What If You Could Support Getting A Great Figure With These Back Exercises?

Check these great back exercises, that will bring relief from long work in a sitting position and improve your appearance. 

The back exercises at home are wonderful for a great posture.

The slim figure can be achieved not only by the flat belly but also by your straight back.

Let’s work on your back today by doing these effective back exercises without equipment! 😉

Training for a great back

Remember to do a warm-up at the beginning of back exercises and stretch at the end of them.

Back exercises on all fours position.

Knees and hands on the floor. Keep your back flat and engage your core to not lean or arch the back. The hands placed shoulder-width apart. Knees bent at right angles. Look to the area between your hands to not strain the neck.

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It is worth checking himself in the mirror, to see if we are well lined up.

Raise right hand and left leg at the same time.

Be sure to perform this exercise diagonally, because otherwise, you will lose your balance.

This is a great exercise not only for the back but also on the legs and arms.

It is also a balance exercise.

back exercises

Change the arm and the leg and do the same exercise.

Compress your belly. Thanks to it you exercise abdominal muscles and stabilize the spine and back, so it does not lean. If your back will bend too far forward, the lumbar part of your spine can strain, and we want to avoid such a situation.

Back exercises on the lying position

Lay face down. You can put a pillow or rolled towel below your belly to not lean your back too much.

We look to the mat, not ahead to protect your neck.

Hold hands at the height of the neck and reach your elbows and head off the floor.

back exercises in lying position

Straighten and bend your arms.

If you’re tired, you can lean your forehead on the mat for a moment and then return to the training.

However, in the beginning, you can also perform this exercise with your head resting on the mat all the time. And in the next training, you can gradually lift your head up.

In the next back exercise circle the arms to one side, then the other, as if you wanted to swim.

This is a great exercise not only for your back but also for your shoulders.

In the next back exercise bend your elbow at right angles and raise your arms upward.

Straighten your arms and move on to the side and then bend your elbows.

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Hold hands at the height of the neck and reach your torso off the ground.

In the next back exercise relax your head on your hands and reach the legs off the ground.

In this exercise, you strengthen the lower back muscles.

In the last exercise put on the back straight and put your arms straight in front of you and legs straight behind you.

Raise the right arm and left leg up simultaneously at the same time. Then later change the leg and hand and do the same exercise.

It is also a great coordination exercise and the brain works a lot here too because you need to focus, not to confuse the arms and legs.

back exercises at home

I hope you liked the back exercises. Check also another interesting back workout, and download the free e-book.

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