What Are Calf Muscles And Effective Exercises For Strong Calves?

Do you want to know how your calf muscles work and what calf exercises you can do to have great calves? Then check this interesting information.

Let’s talk a little bit about calf muscle first.

What are the calf muscles?

The main muscle of your calf is the Triceps surae

It consists of the gastrocnemius muscle (shown in the picture below) and the soleus muscle

calf muscles
Calf muscles

The gastrocnemius muscle shapes the calf and consists of two heads, the lateral head, and the medial head, which connect with each other to form the Achilles tendons. 

The soleus muscle lies beneath the gastrocnemius muscle. 

The triceps muscle (gastrocnemius and soleus) of the calf is responsible for plantar flexion (toes up), external rotation (rotate outward the foot), and foot adduction. In addition, the gastrocnemius also flexes the knee.

Therefore, the calf muscle lifts the heel and transfers your weight to the toes. So, it works while walking, running, and jumping. 

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What are the great calves exercises?

Here are some interesting exercises for great calves! 

You can do it with or without weights, however, exercising with weights can be more effective.

exercises for calves

Stand straight. Feet hip-width apart. Hold weights in our hands. Climb on our toes and go back. 

Another version of the calf exercise is shown below.

exercises for calves

Stand straight on one leg. Bent the other knee, rest it on the first leg. You can hold weights in your hands. 

Climb on your toes and go back.

Then change the leg and do the same exercises. 

Great exercises for calves muscles for moms with a baby.

Below is an exercise that will help you shape your calf muscles and give your child a lot of fun. 🙂

Starting position: Place the front part of the foot on a bench or chair. 

Put your child on the knee and hold the baby with your hands (securing the wrists). 

mom with a baby training in the park

Raise and lower the heel of the bent leg. 

mom exercising with a baby in the park

Then change the leg and exercise the calf of the other leg in the same way. 

Always remember to warm up at the beginning and stretch the muscles at the end of your training. 

Also exercises the opposite muscle on another day.

How do you like calf exercises? Check out some other great exercises for different muscle groups or the baby workout, and sign up below for a free e-book.

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Source: “Functional anatomy in the field of physical education and physiotherapy studies” – Bogusław Marecki

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