Do You Spend Time In Sitting Position? Bring Muscle Relief With This Great Desk Stretching

If you spend more than an hour a day in a sitting position then this information is for you! Check this great desk stretching which can bring you amazing muscle relief. ðŸ™‚


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


Why is it worth doing desk stretching?

Nowadays we spent a lot of time in a sitting position which can affect our joint and muscle condition. To help bring balance and relief to your muscles you can do some desk stretching presented on this page.

office training

Great posture can also make you look better.

The exercises are very useful especially for people who work in the office.

How spending prolonged time in a sitting position can affect our body?

Prolonged sitting has a negative effect on the body and the function of the internal organs. However, here I would like to focus only on the muscular and skeletal systems. 

During the prolonged sitting, we can unconsciously lean our head forward, and round shoulders. 

We often keep our hands in front of us and this causes the shoulders to lean forward. Also, we often sit curled up. The belly is relaxed. Moreover, we also put a leg on the leg. 


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


Why is it not good for us? 

If we tilt our head forward, the muscles on the back of the neck shorten. This can make them tense. 

And they can stay tense even when they are not working.

It can cause, apart from neck and shoulder pain, also headaches, pseudo-migraine, even earaches, eye pains, jaw pains, etc. The pains that we would not associate with the neck. 

A rounded back makes the muscles in the front of the chest more tight and contracted. On the other hand, the back muscles are too stretched and weak. 

In addition, when we are not paying attention to our sitting posture, we are sitting passively. 

Therefore, the lumbar section of the spine is the most stressed, and ailments in this section can occur. 

The prolonged daily sitting which takes place for years can bring, in addition to tense muscles, more complicated problems such as discopathy, etc.

Moreover, prolonged sitting posture can affect the muscles in the legs and pelvis. Usually, the iliopsoas muscle is contracted and rectus femoris. 

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to how we sit.

Also, the gluteal muscle is too stretched and weak. Therefore, doing glutes exercises can help bring balance to the muscles.


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


If we cross our legs, we often press the blood vessels in our legs which makes it difficult for the blood is to get back to the upper body. 

So it is better to sit with your legs bent at a right angle. 

What desk stretching can we do to bring relief to the body?

We can perform simple exercises to help bring balance to the body. 

As for the neck, to reverse the negative effects of pushing the chin forward, you can retract the head. 

Take your head back in such a way to have a “double chin”. 

office exercise

Do NOT look at the ceiling, but in front of you, as far as possible so that your eyes can also rest from the computer or documents that are nearby. 

So to relax the muscles of the neck, look straight ahead, and draw your chin back. 

You should feel that the neck muscles are working in this exercise of desk stretching. Hold the position for a few seconds and let it go. Do NOT move the head forward, just relax the neck. Repeat the exercise several times.

It is also worth looking far away to exercise the eye muscles, preferably outside the window. 

How you can support your eyes?

As for the eyes, people who work at the computer should blink their eyes every few minutes so that the eyes are not dry. The eyes rest in the dark, so it is worth covering your eyes with your hands for a moment. 

You can also exercise with the eyes.

So roll your eyes, look up and down, to the sides, and make horizontal “eights” with the eyes. 

Thanks to this, you can strengthen the eyes. 


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


What is a great desk stretching for round back?

As for the shoulders, to stop the tendency to push them forward, just move them back and down. This way you get the correct positioning of the shoulders. 

It is worth reminding yourself often to straighten your back and correct your posture. 

You can support your back by “pulling down” the shoulder blades and take the arms backward. 

office stretching

If you want to do this exercise more discreetly in the office, it is enough to move the shoulders back. And then this exercise is almost invisible. 

Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax. Do a few repetitions.

It is also valuable to mention that one exercise done correctly is worth more than 20 incorrectly. 

Therefore, focus on quality, not the quantity of the exercise.

What desk stretching exercises can support your spine?

You can support your spine if your back muscles take the “job” from the back joints of the spine. 

If you sit passively, the muscles are relaxed and not working, the weight of gravity falls on the joints of the spine. 

If you sit actively and contract the muscle of the abdomen, then you create a corset around the spine, thanks to which the spine is partially relieved and the weight from the joints is transferred to the muscles. 

Thanks to this, the working muscles also have a mini-training. 

So another invisible exercise that you can do anywhere to support your spine is contracting the abdominal muscles. 

How else can you provide active sitting?

Sitting on a fitness ball provokes an active sitting. You can also put a roller under the lumbar part of your spine or sit on a triangular pillow. 

Another important exercise to help relax your muscles and relax your mind is the backward circulation of your shoulders. 

You can also support the spine by elongation, by pulling the top of the head up. 


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


How can you support your blood vessels?

First, do NOT put a leg on the leg.

Secondly, you can help “pumping” the blood from your calves to the upper body by the simple exercise of desk stretching.

Lift your toes and heels up alternately.

desk workout

The exercise also has anti-thrombotic and anti-swelling properties and is recommended especially for people with a tendency to varicose veins. 

It is also worth putting your legs up to support the blood vessels in the legs. 

desk stretching

As for the legs, you can stretch the rectus femoris and iliopsoas muscles in a sitting position. 

Sit on the side of your chair.

Take your feet and bring them close to your glute. Extend the hip joint.

Hold the position for w few seconds and relax.

Repeat it a few times. Do the same exercise to the other leg.

desk exercise

What other exercises can be helpful?

It is also worth doing the following exercises of desk stretching to support your body. 

Hold hands behind your back and raise them as high as possible. 

office workout

Hold this position for a while and relax.

These exercises can be difficult at first, but as your muscles stretch, they will become easier. 

Stretch your stomach by lying on your back and pointing your arms up and legs down. 

exercise to do at work

To stretch the iliopsoas muscle, lie on your back and pull the knee of one leg towards you until you feel the stretching of the muscles. 

exercise for office workers

Hold in this position for about 30 seconds. 

Stretch your thigh muscles by lying on your stomach and bring your heel to your glute. 

exercises to do at your desk

You should feel the stretching, NOT the pain. 

It is also worth stretching the muscles lying on the inner side of the thigh. 

Sit down with one leg straight and the other leg bent and lean forward. 

stretches to do at your desk

Stay in this position for about 30 seconds. 

I hope that my tips and suggested exercises will be helpful and bring relieve your muscles.

How do you like the desk stretching? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out other types of exercises and watch the free training.


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


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  1. Thank you for posting these exercises! I tried a few and they really do help relieve tension in my neck and back. A wonderful reference to save!

  2. Wow I really enjoyed your article. When I catch myself slouching in my chair, I will definitely use some of these awesome exercises from your post. Thank you so much for this!

  3. This is great! I am going to keep it handy as a reference guide. I have a lot of trouble with my shoulders and neck after sitting most of the day. Thanks for the great stretching exercises!

  4. I’ve been looking for good stretching exercises. I was eager to see what you had to say. I love the stretching and will keep in contact. Thanks.

  5. Great post, very informative and helpful for everyone! Especially now that a lot of people are working from home and sitting for most of the day these are easy exercises to incorporate throughout the day. Becoming more aware of your body is the key but with regular practice one will improve. Thanks for taking the time to include the pictures as well, it’s always great to have visuals.

  6. Thank you, Kelly. I agree with you. Doing regular exercises will bring a big relief to the body, especially when someone need to spent long hours in sitting position during a day. I sit often too, and doing the exercises always make me feel better not only in my body but also in my mind. 🙂

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