Healthy Breakfast Surprising Idea To Start Your Day Full Of Energy And Burn Fat

What can be perfect for a healthy breakfast? Can cookies be good for healthy snacks?

Cookies! 🍪

healthy breakfast, healthy cookies

They are one of my main reason I am living for. 😋 It is hard to find a difference between me and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. ⠀
I really understand his love 😍 for these magical treats…

It is not just food. Cookies as a healthy breakfast sweeten my life.

They can support me on difficult times or sad days.

When I “hang out” with them all problems disappears and there is just pure happiness. You know what I mean…😉 ⠀
That is why I really like a healthy lifestyle and especially a healthy breakfast!

I can eat as many cookies as I want without regrets and I still look great.


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


As you probably know, I love sweets 🥧💕. I usually eat healthy desserts for breakfast and it keeps me slim. Cool, right? 😎
There are many myths about healthy food.
🥧 You may think that healthy meals do not taste good. The opposite is true. It tastes much better!
🥧 It is easier to prepare healthy desserts, oops… I meant breakfasts 😉 because it takes less time to prepare it than a regular meal.
🥧 When you have no time to prepare healthy meals you can buy it. However, it is important to recognize which ingredients will make you slim. Not all food from “healthy food ” shelves in stores is healthy.

I could talk about healthy eating for hours.

Healthy cookies taste better than regular ones. I feel fuller sooner and much longer than after traditional sweets. And I have more energy during the day. 

What can healthy cookies be made of?

Healthy oatmeal cookies can be made of oatmeal, seeds, bananas, and raisins, etc. There are other raw versions of cookies, which are also great for breakfast. some of them are made by mixing nuts or seeds with dried fruits.

However, if you have an allergy to nuts, then they can not be healthy for you.

So, it is good to always consult your doctor before making changes to your daily menu. If you want to have detailed recipes of healthy versions of breakfast, feel free to get my online program: Beautiful Woman.

Yes, I often eat sweets (healthy versions) for breakfast, and it feels so great! ⠀

What are other surprising ideas for a healthy breakfast?

I also like to eat healthy versions of ice-creams, cakes, puddings, cupcakes, fruit pizza, chocolate candies, healthy pancakes, and so on.

Do you like cookies? 🍪💗⠀

I hope you like the ideas about a healthy breakfast. Check also a great Valentine’s day dessert and watch the free training.


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


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