How To Do Home Workout Without Equipment And Still Burn A Lot Of Calories?

How to do a home workout without equipment? It’s easy, you can your body weight to do the exercises and have a lot of fun. Let’s try it together!

Home workout without equipment – arms, chest, and shoulders

In the beginning, we can exercise our arms, shoulder, and chest. And we can start exercising our arms by putting them to the side and making some circles to one side and later to another side.

Every home workout without equipment exercise can be done by repeating ten to fifteen times in one set or until you feel your muscles are tired moderately.

We can lift our arms up and down. Also, we can put them back, lift them or hold them together and lift them. This is is a great exercise for your back. In case you are spending a lot of time sitting before your desc or driving, it will strengthen your back muscles, and bring relief. We can also bend our elbows and press them back.

home workout without equpment back

The next home workouts without equipment exercises are light push-ups (kneeling push-ups). To do that just bend your knees, and put your hand below your shoulders, and bend your elbows. Do as many repetitions as you can. This is great training for your chest muscles.

kneeling push-ups

Easy at-home workout – Abs

We can train our abdominal muscles during our home workouts without equipment. To do that, just lay down on your back, bend your knees, and bring your knees close to your chest. You can put your feet on the ground if that is too easy for you, you can lift them in the air. It may help you lose belly fat.

home workout without equipment abs

However, if you feel any discomfort or pain in your lower back it means this exercise is not good for you, and you need to find another one, another alternative.

You can also bend one leg and extend another leg in the air at the same time. This is a great exercise for your part of the abdomen.

It is also a great exercise for your legs.

Home workout without equipment- legs and glutes

To do another exercise for your legs, lay on your side, bend your lower leg, extend your upper leg, put it as far as you can, and lift the leg.

In this exercise, your side muscles of your thigh and glutes are working.

Let’s change your legs. Bend your upper leg, extent your lower leg, and lift it. Do the same exercise to another side.

You can also train your buttocks during home workouts without equipment. To do exercises for your glutes muscles you can lay down on your belly, extend your legs, and lift first one leg and later another leg ten to fifteen times.

Another alternative to this exercise is doing the same exercise with bended knees.

In this position, you can try to exercise your back.

Extend your arms and lift them together. It is important to look at your math below your head at the same time.

You can also bend your elbows to ninety-degree, or take your arms to the back, do the same exercise.

You should not feel any pain in this exercise. If you feel any pain, it means this exercise is not good for you, and you need to find another one, another alternative.

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