How To Love Yourself Enough To Have a Fulfilling Life?

No matter if you are in a relationship or if you are single, it is an excellent opportunity to discover the level of the most important relationship in your life, which is a relationship with yourself! Answer a few questions to check if you love yourself enough.

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Why self-love is essential?

Loving yourself is one of the elements that make us feel happy. It helps to improve the quality of life.

Developing this kind of feeling is the responsibility of every human being.

Unfortunately, often love for ourselves is confused with selfishness, so many people do not feel the need to grow in this direction.

Self-love, which is at the correct level, reduces stress and balances life.

It helps to fulfill professionally, socially, and mentally. Therefore, it benefits not only you but also the people around you.


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Do you love yourself enough?

You can check it by answering the questions below.

  • Do you have time to do things which make you happy (for your passions)?
  • Are you your best friend?
  • Are you kind to yourself and do not criticize yourself?
  • Do you feel great when you are only with yourself?
  • Can you tell 10 positive things about yourself within 5 minutes without a problem?
  • Do you allow yourself to make mistakes?
  • Do you avoid people who hurt and use you?
  • Do you surround yourself with people where you can be yourself and feel good?
  • Do you take care of your body and eat healthy and delicious meals?
  • Do you workout regularly by doing exercises that you enjoy? 
  • Do you realize your dreams or are you on the way to achieve them?


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If you said yes to most of these questions, then congratulations, your love for yourself is on a high level!

However, if the majority of answers are negative, then it is worth working on the weaknesses to improve your happiness.

What is your score?

My result is 7, oops 😉 … I need to still work on myself 🙂.

What is the greatest benefit of loving yourself?

One of the greatest benefits of self-love is that it creates the foundation of successful relationships with other people and the experience of true love, based on sincerity, respect, acceptance, support, and admiration.

Therefore, it is worth loving yourself and developing this feeling so that others will love you for being yourself!

One of the signs of loving yourself is to care about your body with gentleness and do not press it beyond limits, and not stressing about its weight.

Do love yourself?⠀

weight loss

Why I do not weigh myself anymore?

Why do I not weigh myself anymore? ⠀
Well, when I was bigger, I used to weigh myself very often, even every day. I did it, especially after a hard workout or long-distance running. I hate running and hard workouts! They are just not my thing. ⠀

I pressed myself beyond limits because of thoughts that this is the way of losing weight. It didn’t work. So every “meeting” with my scale was the source of frustration, disappointment, and time of lowering my self-esteem. ⠀
I just gave up running and hard workouts and accepted the fact that my body will not be slimmer. ⠀
And you know what happened? ⠀
When I stopped care about my appearance and what other people think about me, my body slowly balanced, and I lost weight.⠀

It was an unexpected situation, and I didn’t plan it. ⠀
I realized that it was a side effect of taking care of myself and create a better relationship with my body. ⠀
I stopped fighting and begun to treat my body with kindness. Like it was (is) my best friend if you know what I mean…⠀
I would never guess that it was the way of balancing my organism. ⠀
It was a great journey to a better version of myself. ⠀


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Why is checking your weight the least effective method to analyze your progress in your weight loss journey?

It can show false information.

There can be great progress but it can be not visible on the scale or vice versa.

There may be no results, but the scale can show a less number too.

Why is that?

The scale shows the whole body weight at the moment, not only fat tissue.

The body weight changes daily and it depends on many factors.

For example, it can show less when you are dehydrated, and show more when you drank more water or gained more muscle weight.

In the second example, you could even lose some body fat but the scale can show a bigger number.

So what should we do about checking the weight on the scale?

1. First of all, do not relate your self-worth to it. Your efforts and you are worth much more than the number on the scale. 

2. Do not weigh often, once per two weeks or even less is enough.

3. Be aware that it is just one of the tools for checking progress. 

But you can use many other methods as well.

So what are other more reliable methods?

Better methods are related to your wellbeing.

Measure your wellbeing. Do you feel more energy? Do you feel less tired during challenging days? Do you feel you have fewer cravings for sweets, chips, or other snacks?

Do you feel stronger, more confident, and attractive?

Those are correct measurements!

I believe you can do it and measure the progress of your transformation 🦋 in the right way.

self love quotes

Every day is a new beginning.

Even the new beginning can start with every new thought. 

The new beginning starts with REAL thoughts about you, which brings huge power and strength.

So what are the real thoughts?

Well, we can start by explaining what are illusionary thoughts.   

Those are the ones that do not serve you, for example: that the past defines you, or that you are not good enough, or that you are less important than others. 

Therefore, the opposite is true: 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹, 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴, 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘂𝗹…𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘆 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲.

Your past, your body, or even your negative thoughts do not define you.

While you believe in your own gorgeousness that is the moment when real miracles and transformation happens. 🦋

You can start thinking this way any time you want and a new life begins when you believe in it. ✨

Miracles start from the right thoughts.

What other tips about loving yourself?

love yourself comfort zones

A comfort zone is an illusion that makes us believe that we are safe there.

Safety seems to be something that is familiar or known. 

But we know that it is not always the truth. 

We can stay in situations that do not serve our well being because it takes less effort for the brain than to adapt or learn a new one. 

We assume that the new way is impossible for us to achieve so there is no point in trying. Or we failed before trying new things so there is no reason to try again.

Well, that kind of inner discussion in our mind is the way the reptile brain “protects” us before an unknown situation because it could be potentially dangerous. 


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It could help our ancestors in the past to survive but nowadays it works against us.

Staying in a place that does not serve our wellbeing and health could be more dangerous than new things.

In fact, when we start the RIGHT way to change our life for the better in any sphere of life we later notice that it was not as difficult as we thought it is.

It happened to me a lot. Did you have a similar experience?

The biggest challenge is to overcome the fear of change. 

The rest is nothing in comparison to this.

the beach love yourself first

Do you feel lonely in your weight loss journey? It seems like many people get great results but you work so hard and there is no progress or you even gain weight. 

There is so much different information, strategies, and methods for losing weight out there.

I used to be the same way. 

In the past, I forced myself to do hard workouts because I wanted to lose weight and it did not work.

It feels like there is nothing to do about it.

Later I found out that those methods were not good for ME. 

Everybody is different and needs a different style in their weight loss journey. 

The best method which will work for everybody is treating yourself with love. 💗

When I finally found out about this method I lost weight as a side effect of taking care of myself.

Listening to your intuition and having methods that correlate with the real YOU are the best ones.

I hope you have the best methods that work for you.

How else can you love yourself?

self love is the best love motherhood

I love adventures with my kids. Are you ready to go on an adventure? An amazing journey to the best version of you? 

So what the right adventure to the best version of you should look like?

~ You should feel comfortable emotionally and physically during your journey (pushing yourself beyond limits in any way is not allowed).

~ Challenges are only related to remembering new habits, so they are linked to memory 🧠.

~ You should feel fun, excited, and ready to change your life for the better.


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What other facts about loving yourself?

you can and you will

You can and will realize your dreams.


1. The first step starts with believing that you can do it.

2. The second step is making a decision that you will do it.

3. The third step is putting it in a realistic timeline when you plan to realize it.

4. The fourth step is dividing the timeline into monthly tasks.

5. The fifth step is deciding on weekly tasks.

6. The sixth step is preparing daily assignments.

And the most important step…

7. Taking action. (The magic happens here. ✨)

Sounds simple, right? 😉

So at what stage are you in realizing your dreams? 

Give me your number.

love yourself gifts

What are the best presents in life? The ones you can give to yourself. 

You can give yourself everything you expect others to give you…more love, respect, time, special treatment, and the most important… putting yourself first.

When you give yourself those special gifts life becomes magical and joyful. ✨

You will feel happier, special, more confident, and even have more energy. 

What is even more incredible is that people will give you more of those gifts too. They will love you more, be more respectful, treat you special, give you more of their time, and so on.

Do you want that?

There is only one simple condition, you need to give yourself all the most important gifts first. 

You are so special and you deserve to be happy. ✨

Will you do it?

How else can you love yourself?

love yourself be you

It takes the courage to be the best and true version of yourself.


There are advantages and disadvantages to it.

So what are the advantages of being you?

~ You can feel more confident.

~ You can have more energy.

~ You can feel and look better.

~ You can have the courage to realize your dreams.

~ You can feel happy and fulfilled.


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“Hmm… that sounds quite good. So what are the disadvantages?”

– Some people can be jealous because of your success so they can:

   – give you harmful worlds of discouragement,

   – judge you,

   – leave you (you can lose fake friendships).

– It may feel hard to predict what the future brings because you will be in transformation 🦋 mode so you can see the world in a different way, and your reactions to some situations can change too.

So, that is the reason why it takes courage to make the world a better place and share your unique talents and amazing personality which are beautiful treasures for the world.

Love yourself no matter your thoughts

sky is not my limit

There are no limits.

There are only barriers in our heads that make us believe that we are not able to do something, achieve our goals, or realize our dreams.

Can you hear it in your mind?

The inner voice that says that you are not good enough, or that you are not beautiful enough, or you are not smart enough.

Do you believe it?

It’s ok, to have that inner critic in the mind but it is 𝗻𝗼𝘁 ok to believe it!

Ignore the negative thoughts, or assume that the voice is talking about somebody else, not you.

When you get to the level that the inner negative voice is not important for you anymore then endless potential opens the door for you.

There are no limits despite the ones in our heads. After overcoming them the world becomes a better place and it feels like heaven comes to the Earth.

It starts with a simple choice…

How else can you love yourself?

believe you can

Do you believe in yourself?

Can you believe you achieve more than you think?

It’s all about perspective. When you look at yourself from a different perspective you can see a different person every time.

What is the point?

You do not need to change yourself to be more beautiful, smarter, or just good enough.

You already are perfect, just as you are.

So when you can see it there is nothing to change, except the perspective.

When you believe in your uniqueness then you are able to achieve more than you would ever imagine in all important spheres in your life.

Do you believe you can?

love yourself we are like a snowflake

We are all beautiful and unique.

Comparison is an enemy of beauty because it makes it feel better or worse than others which is not the truth.

So what is the truth?

We are all already beautiful on our unique journey to a better version of ourselves.

Therefore copying somebody’s else journey may not work for you because the other person can be a different snowflake who needs a different journey.


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


Going through your own journey which matches you, your style, and your needs is the best adventure!

keep it simple

When I was a teenager, I didn’t like how my body looked, and I decided to lose weight.

So I pressed my body beyond limits to run a few miles per day and do complicated workouts.

Surprisingly it did not work.

Nothing changed!

Many years later I understood that simple and easy methods work much better, and are more effective.

I gained a healthier and better body as a side effect of changing simple habits in my life.

I think it works in other areas of life too.

So, my conclusion is when something is not working in life, do it simpler! 😉

Simplicity is the best!

flowers of love

We all are beautiful flowers. 🌸 

When we see our beauty it allows the light to shine through it and appear to the world and make it a beautiful place too. 

Do you see your beauty?

if you can dream it you can do it

How can you realize your dreams? ✨

We can experience magic not only at Christmas time but all year around.

When you believe that you can realize your dream and feel the joy deep inside your heart then magic happens because you will see more opportunities in your life to make it happen. 

“Every Morning Brings New Potential” ☀️

So, every day is a new beginning. What does it mean for me? Hmm…🤔

I noticed that when I have negative thoughts during the day I miss my day. Therefore, I try to develop the skill to redirect negative thoughts into positive ones. 😉

The world is a different place for everybody because every person can see the world from a different perspective through the “filter” of thoughts.

So, changing thoughts can help see the world as a better place because of different perspectives.

Therefore, every morning or even every moment gives great potential and opportunity to change perspective and see ourselves and the world as a place full of miracles.

Does it make sense for you? What do you think about it? 

When can you feel happy, use your potential, and see how wonderful and beautiful you are? ✨

Maybe 10, 5 years from now…

Maybe next year will be better…


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Maybe next month will bring a good opportunity for it?

Maybe next week?


How about now?

Could you feel it now?

Love yourself to feel fulfilled

Please do not do it to yourself.

Do not force yourself to go beyond limits.

Do not criticize yourself.

Do not press yourself to exercise harder than your body agrees.

Do not starve yourself and go for a diet.

Do not fight with yourself.

You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

Fighting with yourself and your body will not bring any permanent results. It can only make things worse. 

There is no point fighting PERFECTION.

If you do not believe that you are perfect that means your inner critic is talking too loud. Just TURN it OFF. 

If you can not do it yet then IGNORE the negative voice in your head and do not believe it.

The REAL and beautiful transformation happens in a peaceful and enjoyable way with the harmony that your body and mind need. 

When you love yourself the way you are you become the way you WANT TO BE

It is a side effect of inner peace, self-love, and infinite acceptance of who you are.

How else can you love yourself?

You are perfect just the way you are. 💟

Nothing else needs to be added here. This is the perfect message! 😉

Just let me know if you agree with it.


How can you feel powerful and move mountains? 🏔

You can easily bring more positivity in your life regardless of external circumstances, feel lighter, happier, and joyful. ✨

You can also see what is invisible, hear what is inaudible, and feel what you’ve never felt before… 

It will help to gently move the heavy clouds of the horizon of your mind, which will allow the light to shine bright. 🌅

it can even attract miracles in your life. 

What brings such amazing results?

The feeling of gratitude. 

It is so powerful that it can move mountains ⛰, but only when you believe in it. 😉

I am not an expert on gratitude, but I noticed an incredible change in my life after practicing it for a while. It brought me a huge amount of positivity and made me stronger.

What am I grateful for?

Well, I like to be grateful for little things such as the beautiful song of the birds, the sound of waves, dancing leaves moved by the wind. 

I also like to be grateful for bigger things such as my family and my crazy kids 😉, and the possibilities of helping people to be the better version of themselves. 

What could feel more rewarding than seeing that a person did fantastic work in becoming healthier and happier?


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


What are you grateful for? 

Love yourself no matter the past.

past have no power

How to feel free? 🌟

Do you sometimes feel like there are some invisible chains in your mind that do not allow you to move forward, and keep you in a mental prison? 🥀

Do you want to feel free no matter what outside circumstances come up? 

One of the reasons for imprisoning your mind is being stuck in the past. For example, overanalyzing the past, going through it emotionally again and again.

The thoughts processing the past could never end…🛤

But it does not need to be this way, because…

you can be free, happy, and joyful ✨ regardless of your past.

How can you feel lighter? ☀️

Let go of the past. Leave it far behind you. The past does NOT define who you are, or your life. 

Only you have the POWER to know who you really are. 🌅

You can also choose if your past influences your presence or if you allow it to let it go and feel free. The process of letting go may not be easy, but it will be worth it!

Did you let the past go or are you still working on it? 

How else can you love yourself?

Your journey is more important than achieving a destination.

Enjoy the process of the beautiful transformation. 

What journey are you taking today?

be happy self love

How to be happy? ✨

Well, you just need to take your mind above the negative thoughts and choose to be happy.

Sounds simple, right? 😉

Actually, you do not need to choose to be happy because the mind switches into the peaceful mode automatically when negative thoughts do not bother your mind anymore, or even better when there are no thoughts at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

In my case, my mind rests from negative thoughts when I exercise or when I am close to nature, but I would like to keep that state of mind when I do other activities too. 

Do you have any suggestions? 🤔

That would be huge progress! 

So I feel like my mind training is going better and I feel peaceful in regular situations more often. But I need to remind myself to be patient and do not expect huge results overnight. 🌘


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It reminds me of a regular fitness journey when it takes some time to achieve physical transformation. It is often accompanied by emotional change as well. 

So nowadays my mind is on the right journey when negative thoughts could be compared to junk food and positive thoughts or no thought to healthy food. 😉

When do you feel peaceful or happy? 🤔

How else can you love yourself?

What Are 3 Simple Steps To Overcome Your Limitations? 🤔

Are you trying to lose weight but hard workouts and restrictive diets are NOT working for you? 

I know exactly how it feels. In my high school years, I weighed 30 pounds more than nowadays. I didn’t feel beautiful or attractive, so I tried to change it and lose weight by pushing myself to run long-distance every day no matter the weather. 

It was a terrible idea because I do not like running. After over a month of hard training, I didn’t have any results! I felt like a failure. I fought with my body and it did not want to listen to me. It was so frustrating! I finally gave up…

Many years later I realized I made a few mistakes.

Nowadays, while being a mom, I feel and look better than when I was a teenager. 

What changed?

Well, honestly the biggest changes happen in my mind first. All failures and limitations were based on my limiting beliefs about myself. The limitations were lies and negative thoughts which my mind kept telling me about who I am. 

You know what I mean…

The negative thoughts such as “I am not good enough”, “I am a failure”, “I will never succeed”, “I will never look and feel beautiful”, and so on. The “tape” of negative thoughts could go on and on…

How did I overcome the limitations?

✔️ I started to cooperate with my body instead of fighting with it.

✔️ I distanced myself from negative thoughts in my mind.

✔️ I reprogramed negative thoughts about myself into positive.

Honestly, the mind training I had to do was harder than any muscle workout, but It was so worth it❗️ 


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


How else can you love yourself?

It is a huge challenge for me to slow down and enjoy the day! 

During the day I feel like I can not afford to slow down because I will be late with everything and there will be more to do later…

My daily “to-do” list is usually very long so slowing down feels like losing time. However, I slowly realize that a day without breaks and enjoying small moments is less effective and precious. 

Enjoying small moments feels like time stops and nothing matters instead of those moments of joy and pure happiness in the mind. 

Nowadays I try to have time to slow down because I understand that it is not a loss of time but vice versa – an investment of time! Thanks to it the mind is clearer, the day is more effective, and life is more beautiful! ✨

Do you have the ability to slow down and enjoy small moments of happiness? 🤔

Enjoying small things gives room for big ones.

How else can you love yourself?

believe in yourself

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

This quote really speaks to me! Why? 

I have had big problems believing in myself since my childhood. I often felt like I am not good enough in comparison to others.

However, after some time I realized that these kinds of thoughts and negative feelings which appeared during negative thinking are not serving me at all. It brings more problems and shadows my mind which becomes incapable of finding effective solutions. 


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Therefore, I stopped believing in every thought that “popped up” in my mind and started believing in myself instead! That “switch” was transformative. My life changed for the better and the world became more beautiful. 

Changing the inner world helped me change my perspective on the outside world. That was surprising because I thought it works the other way around. 😉

What kind of changes did you experience after starting to believe in yourself?

You can achieve everything you want when you believe in yourself.

”When you open your eyes you will see the beauty around you and in yourself!”

its never too late

It’s never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

stay bright and cheery

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

To be the…

light of the world! ✨

So stay bright and cheery, because the world is a better place when you share the real you with it. 🌎

people will love you

What do you think about that “People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you.”? 🤔

Some people can project THEIR image of you to you, not being able to see the real you. There is nothing you can do to change it. Only they can change it. 

That is ok.

do small things with great love

What can make the world a better place? 🌎

Doing small things with great love. 💕

What small thing did you do today with great love? 🤔

I posted a beautiful quote. 😉

You are enough❣️

What should you say to yourself to get slimmer and feel loved?

Words have big power.

They can help you get what you want in your life, including happiness and a slimmer body.

So there is a simple ⬇️  formula for it.

Positive words bring ➡️ positive feelings bring ➡️ positive life 😃

Let’s test it.

Say the words written below loud to yourself while looking into your eyes in the mirror.

  • I am enough.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am gorgeous.
  • My body is beautiful.
  • I am attractive.
  • I am powerful and strong.

How do you feel after saying them? Reply in the comments and let me know. I would love to hear from you.💗

What are Earth gifts that help you love yourself?

This should be the most important holiday of the year! 

It’s hard to express in words the gratitude for the endless gifts that planet Earth gives us… But I’ll try anyway. 😉 

She’s the source of happiness, joy, connection with inner wisdom, the best guidance and creates a magical world for us. The world where everything exists and everything is possible. 

We’re blessed by nature

She taught us how to fly, how to feel, how to love, how to live.

She is the best teacher, inspirer, motivator, doctor, and therapist.

Mother Earth is an amazing parent.

She supports our mind, body, and soul.

Although we still learn how to be human beings, she is so patient with us.

We’re connected with the Earth stronger than you think.

The truth is we depend more on the Earth than she “depends” on us.

Our body is a part of nature that works in perfect harmony.

Nature outside our body is perfect as well.

There is no difference between the outside and the inside nature. We’re the One.

I’m so grateful for everything nature gives and teaches us.

It’s a miracle that we exist here – in our beautiful home – planet Earth. 

Happy Earth Day! 🌎

I hope you like my thoughts about the journey to love yourself. What thoughts very the most interesting for you? 

 Check also beautiful self love quotes and watch the free training.


How to Get an Old Body Back After Kids, and Look Fabulous


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