How To Have Fun With Your Kids And Burn Fat At The Same Time? Try This Mom Workout!

Join me for the great mom workout with kids. It is an interesting at home workout for moms with Easter Bunnies for most of the muscle parts. 🙂

Mom workout – exercises with kids in a standing position

Let’s begin with a standing position. Lift your leg and move the bunny under your knee.

This is a great exercise for thigh muscles, especially the front part.

exercises with kids at home

Mom workout on a chair

Another exercise for the front of the thigh is straightening the knees in a sitting position on a chair.

You can use a weight in form of your cute child. 😉

mom workout

Muscles located on the front thighs are working hard here, especially the rectus femoris muscle.

Put the foot on the leg and straighten the knee.

First exercise one leg, then the other.

Mom workout on the mat

Lay down on your mat on your back. Put your feet on the ground with the width of your hips.

Raise the hips up.

mom workout buttocks

This is a great mom workout with a child on your glutes and thigh muscles located on the backside.

Then you kiss your child while doing crunches. In this exercise, raise your torso up. Here are working intensively abdominal muscles.

exercises with kids

Put your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. One leg is straight at the knee, the other bent. Raise the straight leg.

And the second leg works the same way.

You can also perform this exercise with your cute weight. 😉

During this exercise work the muscles of the glutes and back thigh muscles.

Exercise with kids for your chest

A great part of the mom workout is exercising your muscle chest.

Let’s do kneeling push-ups. Lean on your bended knees and straightened your arms with hands under your shoulders.

mom workout chest

Bend your arms and bring your trunk closer to your mat.

Here intensively working muscles located on the front of the chest and arms muscles.

You can have your child on your back to increase the challenge. 😉

Exercise for your back

Now, let’s do exercise for the back muscles. Lay down on your belly and raise your chest and arms straight up.

mom workout back

To exercise the lateral part of thigh muscles, lay down on your side, and raise the thigh up.

Remember to put the thigh backward as far as possible. A lower leg is bent at right angles in both the thigh and knee.

Performs the same exercise on the other leg.

Squats in mom workout

Stand up. Hold the bunny behind you and raise your arms up.

It is a great exercise for your upper back muscles.

Set the legs hip-width apart and do squats.

Bend your knees the way so that the body does not exceed the feet and knees line.

Hold the bunny in your hands and move it forward while doing squats.

Thank you for joining me in this great mom workout. I hope you liked this exercise with the kids at home. Check other interesting exercises for moms such as baby workout and subscribe to receive the free e-book below.

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  1. Love how you’re getting your kids involved! So great that you’re starting them young with good habits.

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