Are You Ready For The Magic Of Self Love And Feeling Happy Now?

The real magic starts with self love and believing in positive thoughts about ourselves

~ Anisa Glen
love yourself positive thoughts

How to start the real transformation? 🦋

I recently watched a science fiction movie. The film started at the time when the glaciers melted on Earth and there were people and robots on the planet. At the end of the movie, 2000 years later, there was an ice age and only robots stayed on Earth.


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The film was so interesting and I was hooked all the time. Right after the movie finished I opened one of my social media accounts and I saw some photos of people. The first surprising thought that appeared in my mind was: “Do human beings still exist?” 

And I started to laugh because I realized that my mind came back to reality with a small delay. 🤣

However, the reality is very subjective because sometimes we all live in a science fiction world created by our minds. 

What do I mean by that?

Well, we often believe in lies or negative thoughts related to ourselves. An example of fictional thought may be that you or your body is not good enough, etc. It creates an unrealistic negative image of ourselves. 

I had that image in my teens and twenties years and it brought a lot of troubles in my life. 

Everything started to fall into place when I changed that image.

Life depends on internal beliefs.

So, what are real thoughts about ourselves? 🤔

Real thoughts are the ones that bring positive feelings even if they are not complete yet. 

For example, real beliefs can be: 

💗 I am an incredible person

💗 I have a healthy and beautiful body (I know, the body may not look as perfect as you wish it to be but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful, does it?), 

💗 I am wonderful and amazing

💗 I am worthy to experience every day’s miracles and magic of this beautiful world

💗 All my dreams will come true

and so on. 

How do those thoughts make you feel? 

Sometimes you can hear the protest in the mind suggesting that it is not true and you are not good enough because of bla bla bla. Do not listen to it and turn the voice down. 

Never believe in any negative opinions about you. 

It is pure science-fiction. 😉

When you believe in positive thoughts then it feels good. 

The real magic✨  starts with believing in positive thoughts about ourselves. 

The real transformation starts then. 🦋

My self love story

I need to admit that I am on the journey of self love and loving myself more 💕. I finally feel like I am making progress (yay!).


I learned that taking care of myself is not selfishness but the responsibility of every human being❣️

As a person who developed codependency in early childhood, it was hard for me to think and care about myself. 

It was so easy for me to give up myself for others. I even thought it was a good personality feature. 

However, because of it, things were getting worse through time in every aspect of my life. 

I didn’t realize what is wrong. 

So, I gave up myself more, because I felt like maybe I am not giving up myself enough… I was stuck in a big vicious cycle, and I wasn’t aware of it! I overate because I felt so stressed, and it did not work well for my body.


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Therefore, after many years of looking for solutions to balance my life, I finally recognize that the problem is not outside me but inside my mind.

I had to do hard work to “switch” the mode in my mind in the right direction to self love. 

After a long battle with myself and reading trillions of books about the subject, I understand that serving others at the cost of me is not good for anybody.

So, nowadays I spend time with myself and do things that make me happy more often. 

And there is a huge improvement in my life and many benefits thanks to self love! I felt stressed less so there was no need to overeat eat sweets, therefore I lost weight without effort. It was a side effect of being happy.

I feel happy, grateful, present more often thanks to self love. 

My self-esteem and confidence increased. I am more assertive, so I protect myself better from being used or disrespected. 

On the other side, better self-protection increases my happiness, gratefulness, etc. 

So there is a positive “snowball” effect. The more I love myself, the happier I feel.

So, in the past, I was looking for happiness outside of me, but nowadays I know that feeling needs​ to be found inside of my mind first, by self love.

I am so glad that I  finally understand the quote below because it took me a while to get it!

“Before searching for happiness in others, we must first find it in ourselves.”

~ Charles Glassman
self love spring

Spring is a beautiful gift. 💝

It reminds us that at any time in our life we can decide to rebirth again and start a new beginning…

Any time we want we can:

☀️ appreciate small things in our life,

☀️ connect with ourselves,

☀️ enjoy the present moment,

☀️ make our dreams come true,

☀️ be happy,

☀️ live life to the fullest.

How to do it?

It all starts in our minds. 🧠

We get more things on which we are focused. 

Positive thinking brings more positivity and joy to our life.  ✨


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We can decide to switch the gear in our mind, move the thought in the right direction, and bring spring and light to our life any time we want to. 🌼

Do you like spring?

What are other self love facts?

Everything that brings you joy matters! ✨

It is not important if the thing that makes us happy is a “small”  or “big” thing. The only thing that we should measure here should be the feeling of joy. 

Joy is very important in life because it brings balance into it. It also shows the directions where our life should go to feel happy and fulfilled. It helps to find our purpose too.

It is some kind of inner guidance from above.

The joy also brings the RIGHT solutions to the mind in case we feel stuck, unhappy, or overwhelmed. So, the joy opens the door to the mind🚪 for solutions to come. 

Therefore, whenever we feel tired, stressed, or exhausted those are signs that some changes are needed to bring balance. 

What exactly do we need to do to solve the problems?

That is easy.

The RIGHT answer will come while doing something that makes us happy. When we have enough faith in ourselves and the process there is no way to not be in a better place soon than we are right now.

So what can we do to bring joy to our life?

It can be anything that we like, for example enjoying nature, the blue sky, painting, reading inspirational books, listening to beautiful music, eating delicious healthy food, or exercising. (I just couldn’t resist mentioning the last ones 😉.)

I love doing most of the examples above❣️

So, brings YOU joy? ✨

Want more self love inspirations? Here they are!

you are worth it

I have a lovely ♡ reminder for you today: “You are worth it”.

No matter of your life experience and what other people or your mind suggested to you about you the following is the truth:

♡ You are worth having time for yourself.

♡ You are worth slowing down and doing nothing. 

♡ You are worth having things in your life that you enjoy.

♡ You are worth focusing on yourself.

♡ You are worth having people in your life who see how wonderful you are.

♡ You are worth having the job you love.

♡ You are worth lying on the grass, looking at the sky, and think about nothing.

♡ You are worth doing things that bring you joy.

♡ You are worth feeling happy whenever you want.

♡ You are worth realizing your passions and dreams.

♡ You are worth having the life you always wanted to have.

(Did I miss anything? 😉)

You deserve it all! 

Believe, have faith, and trust that you will have it and it’s already yours…

Was it worth reminding about all of these? 😉


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self love rest

Just take a rest. “Easy to say” you may think. 

I absolutely know how it feels. It is so hard to slow down 🐌 even over the weekend when there are so many things to do. 

In the case of being a mom of small children, there is no such thing as a “free” weekend. Days do not want to slow down at that time. 😉 

So, is there any hope out there?

Well, during my motherhood journey I found a few tricks which helped me to save some time. 🕰

I can share some of them with you, but shhh 🤫… do not tell anybody about them, those are deep secrets. 😉

The first strategy needs some time investment at the beginning but it saves a lot of time later.

What is it?

1️⃣ It is adjusting boundaries with the children and other people in life. 

Children, especially at the age of 18 months to 5 years old, can test our boundaries most of the time. 😉

Also learning a parenting style that matches the personality of each of the children was helpful for me as well.


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More mutual understanding in the family members ➡︎ more balance ➡︎ more time.

Surprisingly, learning to adjust boundaries with children also helped me to do the same with other adult people in my life. So, it saved more time for me as well.

2️⃣ The next strategy was very challenging for me. Putting myself in the first place was hard for me because I had that habit of putting other people first since my childhood.

When I finally learned how to put my need first, it was a huge time saver for me as well!

3️⃣ The next strategy was letting go of perfection. Being just good enough is great too! 

Having time for special people in my life is one of the most important assets for me. 

I still experiment and look for other time-saving strategies, but I am so proud of myself 🏆, that I was able to find some of these which worked for me.

Do you have a problem finding time to take a rest too?

Which of the strategies would be helpful for you?

What are other valuable self love tips?

love yourself always

How much do you love your children? 

It feels impossible to answer the question. 

The kind of love we have for our children is indescribable. There is an infinite amount of it. 

We would often do everything for them, wouldn’t we?

Imagine having the same kind of love for yourself. How would it make you feel?

To increase that love you can admire yourself for any achievements during a day, even the smallest ones.   

Tell yourself how amazing, wonderful, talented, and beautiful inside and outside you are. 

It really doesn’t matter if there are other people in your life who confirm that. You do not need anybody’s permission to feel special. 

This is the moment when the magic happens…✨

When you feel special you become special. 

When you feel amazing you become amazing.

When you feel beautiful you become beautiful.

The list could go on and on…

The real magic begins with your feelings and thoughts.

It depends only on you what your life looks like.

You are your own creator of your life and your world. 🌎

Have fun creating! 

Do you like creating?

love yourself

It is ok to stop and think about ourselves.

It seems to be obvious nowadays. However, in the past, I thought that thinking about myself is selfish. I also thought that putting other people’s needs before mine is a good strategy, and it means that I am a good person.

Now I know that it is far away from the real truth.

Putting myself first and taking care of myself is my responsibility. It allows me to charge my life batteries 🔋 and serve others better and with bigger joy. 

In the past, I expected that others would appreciate my sacrifice of giving myself to others. Of course, it did not happen, which made me feel frustrated and used. 

Nowadays I may have less time for others because I value the time for myself. However, the quality of being together increased drastically. And people I am with prefer the happier version of me.

So, I feel like I am better at thinking about myself and not running all the time throughout the day.

That was a big challenge for me to stop! Most of the time I felt that I am late with everything, so stopping felt like making things worse. 


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However, to my surprise, stopping helped me be more efficient later. 

I am so proud of myself that nowadays I am able to stop, quiet my mind, look at the sky and flying birds, or clouds, feel the breeze on my skin, and hear dancing leaves moved by the wind.

It is a great part of life, to appreciate “small” things which in reality are big miracles…✨

Often what seems to be big in reality is small…

Do you know what I mean?

How about you? Are you getting better at slowing down and thinking about yourself more often?

What are other self love tips?

i love myself

Do you compare yourself to others?

I did that sometimes in the past, and I always felt worse after that. It made me feel that I am not good enough or worse than others…

I was not aware at that time that those thoughts were not real.

Anyway, I noticed a huge increase in my life joy ✨ after stopping comparing myself to others. 

Everybody is unique and is on a different life journey, has different skills, experiences, values, goals, and dreams

Therefore, I finally understood that there is no sense to compare myself to others. 

However, I think it’s worth comparing yourself from the present moment to yourself from the past. 🤔

If we are being a better version of ourselves through time it means we are doing a great job in our growth! 📈

Do you compare yourself from the past to yourself from the now?

the ocean

“Do you generally have a positive or negative outlook of the world?” I was asked.

“I think I project my inner world to the world so it depends on my current state of mind. 😉” I replied.

There is not a big difference between the inner world and the outside world, because we see the world through our beliefs and values. 

I noticed that the same world became more beautiful for me since I have fewer toxic people in my life. 

Therefore, my energy and potential can be used to grow.

Also, after cleaning my mind from negative thoughts and beliefs, the same world became more beautiful for me as well. 


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Honestly, some negative thoughts pop up in my mind from time to time, but it happens less often than before. 

So there is a huge difference in enjoying life no matter what. ✨

It is all about perspective, we can see more beauty in the world when our inner growth is on a higher level than before.

Therefore, taking care of the fitness of the mind is as important as taking care of the body. 

We can train not only the muscles of our body but also the “muscles” of our minds to get better results faster.

What is your outlook on the world?

What is more self love inspirational thoughts?

you are beautiful

How to become beautiful?

Beauty does not depend on body fat nor makeup. 

It starts in the mind.

It is the inner joy of life and happiness that makes us beautiful.

Beauty is the courage to be ourselves and avoiding people who do not treat us well. 

Beauty is seeing the beauty around us and other people. 

It is also the confidence of believing that we are amazing no matter our past and life experiences. 

Do you see your beauty?

ignore your fears

What are fears? 😱

Fears were designed by the reptile mind to protect us from unknown potentially dangerous situations.

However, nowadays not all things we fear are dangerous. So it may work against us.

Sometimes fears can be designed by people in our lives who want to control us.

No matter the origin of the fears, most of them may not be real.

For example, when we are afraid of the judgment of other people so it stops us from trying new things. 

We can also stay in a difficult life situation because we are afraid that unknown changes will make things worse.

Fears can also stop us from realizing our dreams and feel more fulfilled because we are afraid of failure.

Often making our dreams come true need to get out of our comfort zone, so it requires courage. 

That means to realize our dreams we need to ignore our fears. 

After challenging ourselves and starting creating a life we always wanted to have the fears usually disappear. 

They pop like bubbles. 🧼 What does it mean? 

They are just illusions. 

They do not tell the real story about us. They did not know that we are strong and amazing to overcome life challenges. 

When we realize it by ourselves there is no place for the unreal illusions to exist.  

Do you see your amazingness and that you are brave enough to realize your dreams?


How to move the feeling of happiness to all day long? 🌇

One day I was with my kids in the park. We were walking on the path and suddenly we noticed owls on the grass.

I love nature so when I get additional bonuses such as adoring cute owls, my mind switches to the happiness mode right away! ✨

Did you know that it looks like the head of the owl can turn around 360°? It’s amazing to observe that. When you walk they follow you with their eyes by moving only the head without moving the body. It looks so cool! 🦉

Anyway, my child reminded himself about something and started complaining about it. 

But I was in such a deep happiness mode of presence that I did not want to resign from that at that moment. 


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So, I said: “Positive thoughts only here” and he started to laugh. 

Usually, my kids are better than me in being in the present moment and enjoying life, so I learn a lot from them. 

But when I am close to nature I can be good with that too! 😉

Sometimes we complain because of the satisfaction of complaining but not all complaints need our attention.

So, I was surprised by my own response to the situation because I felt like the words did not come from me but through me. 

After that, I had that desire that I want to be in that state of mind of happiness most of the time. 

It makes me feel like I am a better person, especially mom, and that I am truly me. 

That state of mind also helps me solve problems in my life and easier deal with difficulties because it gives space in the mind for solutions to come. 

Therefore, I can do more effective actions later.

So I decided to move that feeling of happiness that comes naturally during activities that I enjoy such as adoring nature or exercising to other parts of the day. 

If we can train our muscles of the body, then we can train our “muscles” of the mind as well. 😉

What makes you happy?


Do you like being close to nature? 

Nature makes me feel happy, loved, and grateful for the little things in my life.

All negative emotions or problems disappear within nanoseconds and I can just enjoy my existence.

What could be better than this? 😉

Do you feel the same way when you are close to nature?

Another beautiful self love thoughts…

self love is the best love

What is real beauty? 

Is it a slim figure, big eyes, smooth skin, long hair, and white teeth? None of these. 

Real beauty is not related to appearance. It depends on something more.

So what exactly is it?

It is the CONFIDENCE of knowing that you ARE WONDERFUL. We can even dig deeper here…

💗 You are strong.

💗 You are smart

💗 You are intelligent.

💗 You are complete.

💗 You are enough.

To summarize you are WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and FANTASTIC! 💕

When you will BELIEVE in the above the real beauty will shine through you and it will be visible to the right people too.

That kind of beauty lasts forever.

Do you see your real beauty?

how do I love myself

There is one thing that controls our life.

It is not what happens outside in the world. It is not what happens in our life. It is what happens in our minds…

Our thoughts are so powerful that they control our lives. For example, thoughts about “others”, thoughts about “ourselves”, thoughts about “good” and “bad” situations…

Therefore, what is happening in life does not control our life but the attitude we have toward it. 

It is as simple and logical as math. For example:

bad situation x negative thoughts = negative experience

bad situation x neutral thoughts = neutral experience

bad situation x positive thoughts = positive experience

good situation x negative thoughts = negative experience

good situation x neutral thoughts  = neutral experience 

good situation x positive thoughts = positive experience 

(While the value of the situation equals 1.)

That explains why different people experience the same situation differently. The thoughts are more important than the situation.

Also, positive thoughts (especially about yourself) are so powerful ✨ that they help us to get away from the bad situation while negative thoughts keep us stuck in the bad situation.

So, how to control our thoughts? 

That skill can not be easy to learn in the beginning. 

However, when you are able to control your mind you will be unstoppable…✨

Next self love info…


What is the most important step to start the new beginning of self love and changing your life for the better? 

Without this step, the whole journey will not start, there will be no action and the transformation of life will not happen.

What is it?

It is making a DECISION. It is the moment when the real beginning happens. 

Why is that?

There is no option to move backward because all the doubts and uncertainty disappeared. 

Making a decision is very powerful.

It is the moment when YOU ARE STRONG knowing you will achieve it even without having the idea of how you will do it.

It is so powerful ✨ because you trust yourself enough that you know you will get there sooner or later. 

It is so powerful ✨ because you love yourself enough that you are ok with making mistakes on the way and they will not be failures for you. 

Mistakes are just solutions that didn’t work at the time and that’s it. It does NOT mean that you are a failure. It only means that you need to find a different solution that will work for you.

It is so powerful ✨ because you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF enough to see your own strength and the POWER of changing your life for the better!

beach self love

There are endless possibilities for you within yourself that will allow you to shine brightly. Do you see your own amazingness and beauty?


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An amazing act of self love is realizing your dreams.

loving myself

How to realise your dreams with ease? 

Well, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. The first step is changing attitude and transform the word d̲r̲e̲a̲m̲s̲ into g̳o̳a̳l̳s̳. 

This way it sounds more achievable. Isn’t it a cool magic mind trick? 🔮 

Now realising goals sounds much easier to do. 

The next step is believing that you are so amazing that you can do it.

⚠️ ATTENTION: ⬆️ This is the most important step. The foundation of making dreams come true. 


Without believing in yourself and in your amazingness you can give up easily in case of any difficulties on your journey to realising your dreams. 

For example, someone can tell you that you are too weak and will never achieve your goals. So, there is a huge risk that you can believe in someone else’s wrong judgment and you will lose the excitement and energy to keep going.


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Did it happen to you before? It happened to me a lot!

Therefore, the best shield is to be deaf to other people’s negative opinions about us. They are not real because they usually come from jealousy that you have the courage to realise your dreams, oops I meant goals. 😉

So, do we need the approval to try new possibilities in our life? Absolutely NOT! Wait! 𝗬𝗘𝗦, we need the approval of ourselves❣️

What are other self love tips?

how do you love yourself

Sometimes the most wonderful journey we can do is within ourselves. 

We do not need to travel to another city. We do not need to travel to another town. We do not need to travel to another country, to have the best journey in our life. 

The journey to ourselves.

The journey may seem to be difficult and challenging but in reality, it is the most wonderful adventure you can ever have. 

The feeling of freedom and peace to be yourself and the best version of yourself is incomparable to anything else.

You can spread your wings and enjoy your life.

love yourself first

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to have more energy.

You deserve to feel confident, beautiful, and attractive 

You deserve to be the best version of you.

You deserve to feel happy and enjoy your life.

You deserve the best.

You are special.

the ocean self love

Do you want to change your health for the better but it feels like there is an “ocean” of so many different information and strategies? It is so hard to even think about them. 

“So what is better, cardio workouts or strength workouts? Is it better to eat carbs or not? Should we count calories or not?…” and so on. 

There are endless misleading strategies and methods out there. 

It is easy to feel confused.

So what method is the best?

Well, the one that is safe and balanced and adjusted to YOUR needs and matches YOUR lifestyle.

The one, that is easy to follow, makes you feel good and healthier, is the best.

I hope you like my thoughts about my journey to self love. What thoughts made you think? 😉 Check also beautiful weight loss quotes and watch the free training.


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